Director Speak

I have always believed that the most important requirement for success is learning never to make or accept excuses. Around 20 years ago, there were many who questioned our choice of industry. The country had no significant track record in the domain. In fact, it was difficult to get financiers willing to endorse a business model that put an unknown Indian company.

Yet, we persevered and further persevered on the foundation of our biggest asset - an unflinching belief in ourselves. Each time we hit an unavoidable disappointment, it was this belief that picked us up and kept us marching. It did not matter if that meant challenging rigid and established paradigms. In fact, it is this attitude that has gradually led to the development of a different mindset - a commitment to achieving continuous excellence in all we do.

We overcame apprehensions about the low quality of India-made high-technology products by consistently delivering

To combat the popular belief that Indian manpower has low productivity, we tapped into the big pool of low-cost engineering talent which has today become our biggest competitive edge in markets.

Many thought the lack of availability of raw materials would be our undoing, but we aggressively fought back with a quality-driven value-added vertical integration program. Likewise, when our geographic position was being perceived as a bottleneck, we developed our logistical support with fanatical obsession. Today, we are jumping the final hurdle, silencing those that believe Indian technology is about cloning and not pioneering.

You'd probably expect a Managing Director to say that his or her company is different from all the others. But I'd prefer to let you make that judgment for yourself. I encourage you to browse this website, to learn more about our company, our business, our culture and our values.

Mrs Mamta Dalmia - Director